Protective Screening

Protective Screening

In response to the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic, we have been asked to install Perspex screening in the reception (and other) areas of many of our clients.

Needless to say, we are pleased to be able to play our small part in keeping people safe at this time.

The screens can be any size and come in a range of thicknesses: a thicker screen does not offer more protection from the virus, but does give greater physical security, depending on the environment.  The screens have curved corners and polished edges.  They can be fitted within a timber frame, which makes them more aesthetically pleasing and also means that they are easy to move or remove without damaging the supporting furniture.

The screens can be basic or more stylish, fitting in with the company’s existing colour scheme and interior design.  They can incorporate the company logo and any appropriate messages, e.g.: “Please observe the 2-metre social distancing guidelines wherever possible.”


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